Welcome to the VPC Alumni Social Network wiki




Things to do

  • Upload Excel spreadsheet with alumni names
  • Upload ACCESS IQP DATABASE (updated)
  • Upload Newsletter (both PDF and original Microsoft PUBLISHER file)
  • Add link to WPI alumni network - hamletnr, rodilon
  • Add link to WPI Email system for alumni (old email from Dennis)

Things Done

  • The VPC 07 newsletter and the alumni email system file have been uploaded to the files section. To view them click on the file tab at the bottom of the screen
  • I uploaded the database that we got from alumni relations in both excel and access database formats. Note that this database is incomplete; it only contains 345 out of almost 500 VPC alumni.


  • Jody Briggs (jbriggs) x6105 - alumni relations
  • Dennis Valovcin (dvalovci) student

Kyle's thoughts

  • It is important that we use something that is in widespread use, to boost our chances of contacting all or almost all VPC alumni.
  • If the WPI Alumni Relations office has a tool that combines Facebook, MySpace and presumably e-mail, this seems like the triple-threat we're looking for.
  • Everybody will have accounts to different things, but I think you can count on most alumni using their WPI alumni email address, and on most probably having GMail accounts, too (hence, a convincing argument for Google Groups).
  • Some people may not keep contact information current with the alumni office - maybe four years of WPI was enough for them. However, these people may nonetheless be interested in a VPC reunion. (How) do we contact them? Do we just write them off?
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