Alumni Contact Ideas

  • Have them opt in for additional information, if they are interested in reconnecting
  • Share photos of Venice experience as well as information on the foto (who's in it, etc.)
  • Help locate missing students
  • RSS feed subscription
  • Offer CafePress or spreadshirt type mugs and T-shirts
  • Win one free week in Venice!
  • Create a commitee and ask alumni if they want to be part of it

Initial Contact Letter

  • So Here is the initial contact letter we have so far. Check it out, make comments and suggestions so we can come to a final consensus on the letter.

Dear Venice Project Center Alumni,

Do you remember spending an amazing seven weeks in Venice while doing your IQP? Would you like to know what your project has led up to and how it has impacted the Venetian community? Now is your chance to reconnect with Venice and old friends! This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Venice Project Center, a cause for great celebration!
If you would like to find out more about the celebration initiatives, what has been going on with the Venice Project Center and how to reconnect please see the attached newsletter and visit our website at:
Reconnect with Venice and help us celebrate 20 years of great projects!

The VPC Staff

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