Social Network

  • To check out the VPC alumni group, visit here
  • Log in with the username and password that was emailed. Then click on my groups and scroll down until you find the VPC group.
  • Produce a list of ALL alumni for use by the WPI Alumni Relations office and others
  • The list must have the alumni ordered alphabetically by last name and have their email/contact information.
  • Think about what is the best way to get in touch with the alumni so that they pay attention. (eg: email, mail, facebook, myspace, phone, etc.)
  • Think about what our first alumni contact email should say.
  • Design a t-shirt (Kyle)

So far we're playing around with:

Other possibilities are:

  • Facebook - big in university, but do alumni use it?
  • MySpace - more popular with the tween/teen crowd
  • YouTube - not really for networking

From Dennis Valovcin

One of the first things I'll need you to do is set up your account for alumni connect.

Here are the steps to create an account on our online community
1. Go to and click on “First Time Login.”
2. Enter your last name and hit “Find”
3. Select your name from the list shown.
4. Enter your constituent ID: 00004277

We will also need the constituent ID's for all of the people you would like to add to the group. If you would like to send me the list of names I can work on getting the constituent ID's for them and can start adding them to the Venice Project Group.

Hamlet's thoughts

  • I looked around NING, it has most of the same capabilities as facebook which is cool and it could be a good tool to create a VPC community and keep in touch with the newer generation of VPC alumni. Personally, I would join the VPC network on ning (and already have) but I'm not so sure other alumni would be so enthusiastic about joining it. It would be yet another profile to create, another password to remember and a whole other network to keep track of. I do think it's worth a try though.
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